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Life Jacket Access

86% of those that die from drowning are not wearing a life jacket. No More Under is working to increase equitable access to water safety tools, education, and swimming lessons. Life jackets are a critical water safety tool, and a layer of protection that can prevent drownings.

The cost of life jackets can be a barrier, restricting community members’ abilities to purchase life jackets. No More Under fundraises to purchase life jackets which we then provide to the community. 


We distribute life jackets to children in partnership with the YMCA, Seattle Children's Pediatric Clinics, and other organizations supporting families from lower socioeconomic communities. We attend numerous events throughout the year during which we give away life jackets and share demonstrations on how to properly fit a life jacket.



We are working with the City of Bellevue to design and install five Life Jacket Loaner Stations to provide access to life jackets for swimmers at all times throughout the swim season. In 2021, these life jacket loaner stations were temporary (a trial to test success), and they were hugely successful! These life jackets were borrowed over 2000 times in 2021, which means we supported safer swimming in open water over 2000 times in the Bellevue area.

As of June 2022, our permanent life jacket loaner stations have been approved by the City of Bellevue, so we’ll be beginning construction soon! Keep an out for updates on developments, and soon enough, we’ll have five beautiful life jacket stations at the following locations:


We are proud supporters of the Washington Drowning Prevention Network. This passionate organization has numerous workgroups, including a Life Jacket Loaner Station Workgroup, of which we are a part. We strive to share our experiences and knowledge, and support more areas in Washington gaining life jacket loaner stations to help improve the safety of open-water swimming across the state!

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